Why do we all need to have access to clean water and sanitation?

Because where we operate in Eastern Indonesia, contaminated water and poor sanitation are linked to the transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and poliomyelitis. With, for children and the vulnerable, a high mortality rate.

And with you, we are changing that with the “Water Connections Project”.

Fair Future Foundation, a Swiss State Approved Organisation, invites you to support one of the programs below!

It is thanks to all of you if the good friends of Fair Future can be out there right now, working tirelessly to improve lives!

Your donation matters a lot to them.

The actions of the Fair Future Foundation Switzerland would not be only medical, even if this were the case for more than ten years after its creation in 2006.

We believe that healthcare could be avoided if families had access to a better quality of life.

To have clean and safe water, for example. Or sanitary installations, a roof, a garden to eat better, to sell vegetables. The Quality Care concept for all is at the heart of our humanitarian objective and encompasses all of this.

Fair Future always seeks to provide innovative, resourceful, high quality and people-centred solutions that respect nature, the environment, traditions, and customs. And to always act in the best interests of families or communities. Respect their confidentiality and right to make their own decisions, and above all, do not hurt them!

The concept of assistance to the person, to a child, considers providing shelter, drinking water, sanitary facilities, and healthy food to regain health, become happier, smile, and want to move forward.

For us, what matters a lot is to give each of the people we help with tools and means to learn and redo what Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia are implementing, creating, and building in a village, a region.

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Beautiful, impartial, independent, neutral actions to give them a better life!

Fair Future Foundation Switzerland and all its collaborators, and volunteers in Indonesia, act within the framework of actions and programs with the following themes:

Access to medical careemergency health care, clean and drinking water, fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, quality food, construction of schools, a source of renewable energy, better education, and sources of knowledge! Women’s rights and gender justice,

Active in emergency aid, we can provide rapid, appropriate, and effective responses to populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, shortages, or socio-economic crises. We are also there to comfort, educate, give ideas and receive them.

Wherever we operate, the cases and the environment are unique. Nevertheless, Fair Future follows a standard set of practices designed to ensure that its resources and expertise are helpful, optimal and respectful of everyone, the environment, nature, people, and local traditions.

Three programs that we highlight

Help a family in need with $/day, enough for a healthier life

A small franc or a dollar a day to help thousands of families? It's not much and it feels good! Thanks to this, Fair Future and its teams can provide sustainable and concrete support to…

Help a family in need with $/day, enough for a healthier life

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What are we doing right now?

The teams have been in the field for months, and for an entire year, Sumba East.
Our localization on Google Map

Provide health and medical care for all

We offer solutions for access to local medical care, in order to improve the health of people and populations living in rural areas.

We have worked in this program for months and one year. Right now, we are building drinking water networks to provide access to quality & quantity of water in rural communities of East Sumba.

For several months we have been active in the realisation of a unique & magical program: “The Water Connections Project”.

Access to clean and non-lethal water sources improves the health of all, particularly children and vulnerable people. (#rebuildmbinudita is a region and a village made up of nearly 2,500 villagers, the majority of whom are children). So that everyone can eat better, drink in quantity, have toilets and have a more harmonious and healthy life.

09.06.22: A new team of 6 people will leave on June 13, 22, to join those already on site, working from the Socio-Medical base camp of Rumah Kambera. Big projects await them, in one of the most rural and underprivileged regions of eastern Indonesia.

After drilling the 1st deep well, we will have to dig two more in June and July 22. After having built six reservoirs of more than 6,000 litres supplied by the first drinking water borehole, we still have left six to achieve. The two new boreholes will feed the new reservoirs.

We will also have to start the construction of sanitary facilities: Ten units each comprising: Two toilets, two showers, a drinking water collection point, and a laundry washing point.

This awareness has a real and significant impact on issues of underweight and malnutrition, as families can eat produce from their gardens, cook and drink more and healthier, and shower more regularly. Reducing child morbidity and serious illnesses is closely linked to the quality of the water available. The consequences of associated diseases are also reduced if access to quality water is ensured. This rate will decrease further when all families in the region have access to this new clean, and healthy water system.

Published the: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 -Asia/Makassar /fff-kbi

The latest donations received in favor of Fair Future

in order to finance one or other of our ongoing programs


August 14, 2022

Amount Donated
CHF 103.91


August 9, 2022

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CHF 9 000.00

Amalia Gutierrez

July 13, 2022

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July 13, 2022

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Catherine Forster

June 23, 2022

Amount Donated
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May 10, 2022

Amount Donated
CHF 20 000.00


February 11, 2022

Amount Donated
CHF 9 320.00


February 4, 2022

Amount Donated
CHF 20 000.00


January 21, 2022

Amount Donated
CHF 3 000.00


Your donations finance the programs initiated by Fair Future. Every year, a nail, a screw, a roof, drinking water, healthy meals, minor surgery, medical care, school notebooks, shoes, a solar lamp, and so many other things.


Patients, women, children, families who have received benefits


Invested in social, medical, logistical programs in rural areas


Liters of clean, non-lethal water found and offered to people


Hours of work donated in support of the projects

In 2022

in 2022? More patients, more projects, more requests!


Fair Future Foundation

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Your feedback is valuable to us & our work

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