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More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundations continue to develop projects with humanitarian, positive, and virtuous objectives. Fair Future and Kawan Baik foundations get involved every day, in a concrete way on the ground. They are men and women, mostly volunteers, who work to find solutions and implement them so that everyone can have a better life. We act within the framework of actions having the following themes Access to medical care, emergency care, clean and drinking water, fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, access to quality food, school construction, access to a renewable energy source, access to better education, and to sources of knowledge! Active in emergency aid, we are able to provide rapid, appropriate, and effective responses to populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, shortages, or socio-economic crises.

Fair Future Foundation
Route d’Yvonand 8B – 1522 Lucens (vd) – Switzerland

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)
IBAN : CH 83 0076 7000 E543 5802 2
Bank Clearing: 767

Fair Future Foundation
Route d’Yvonand 8B – 1522 Lucens (vd) – Switzerland

Credit Suisse Bank
IBAN: CH64 0483 5143 7008 9100 0
Bank Clearing: 4835

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