Natural Disasters

In Indonesia

Rumah Kambera Base Camp
Natural disasters in Indonesia
In response to the disaster in Sumba East Fair Future and Kawan Baik, emergency actions were put in place in the areas of health, access to clean water, food, medical care, and coordinated multitudes of actions from their base camp located in the heart of the most affected area. Fair Future is the only NGO on-site and we face a real health crisis. We fear epidemics and serious illnesses, due to lack of water, food, hygiene, care for kids or pregnant women and vulnerable people. We need building materials, medicines, living, medical support, logistics too.

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This campaign is linked to all the actions of Fair Future on the ground, in the event of disasters, conflicts, floods, landslides, pandemics, epidemics, lack of food, provide access to medical care emergencies and acquire the necessary equipment for this type of major crisis (drugs, medical equipment, food, various materials, protection of people, tents, temporary camps, etc.).

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The disaster in April 21

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Natural disaster of April 21, after the absolute emergency phase, we are now in that of reconstruction and recovery

On the evening of April 4, we received an alert informing us that a cyclone was dangerously approaching Sumba Island and our base camps. And unfortunately, the damage is enormous.

Since April 2021, we have treated thousands of patients, medical care, treated hundreds of wounds, a few tons of drugs donated, hundreds of kilos of vitamins, minerals, tens of tons of food, hundreds of thousands of liters of water, nearly 100 water tanks, including metal frames for the 5000-liter tanks, fittings, pipes so that families, villages, communities, and vulnerable people do not starve or of thirst.

All this continues today, we are entering the phase of reconstruction, repair, planning of important works too. In particular, how to supply water to the tens of thousands of people who no longer have enough. How to ensure a healthy life when food is scarce? How can they also be treated when drugs are scarce?

Here is the list of what our on-site teams need to help and save lives:

Drugs acting on the digestive tract – Local anesthetics – Antidiarrheals – Antimalarials – Antibiotics – Antidotes against poisoning – Scabicides and pediculicides – Ophthalmic preparations – Disinfectants and antiseptics – Analgesics – Antipyretics – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – Chlorination / purification of water – Topical antibiotics – Oxytocics – Antiasthmatic drugs – Micronutrients, vitamins and minerals – Anti-allergics and antihistamines.

We are the only NGO there, I mean international, Kawan Baik and Fair Future are also the ones running what is the biggest social camp in the whole of East Sumba province, and all here are facing immense problems health, social, infrastructural and human. A huge challenge for all of us.

And as you already know, here in Sumba we are facing an incredible increase in Covid-19 cases. It has to do with people coming together in a spirit of solidarity, but this is a terrible time. This forced many health centers (Puskesmas) to close their doors to the public. So we have to vaccinate the nearly one hundred volunteers who work with us.

We do the best we can, we go where no one goes or can go, to provide medical care, to bring water and food in large quantities, to visit the thousands of people who are living without shelter, in the mud, with no income, with too little food and water. We talk, comfort, but we cannot promise ourselves the impossible.

Rebuild houses, drill wells in villages, find ways to feed crops that are dying due to the lack of water linked to the rupture of the dam upstream.

We represent a great citizen, social movement, and all the people who are here, very many who come voluntarily to help us, are for the most part the inhabitants of Sumba, all victims of this disaster which struck East Sumba on April 4, the day of Easter 2021.

Construction of houses:

To rebuild a house, we can do it for CHF 900.- per house (or IDR.16,000,000.-). A simple house, with a roof, enough to be sheltered, to have an almost normal life;

Provide access to water to a large number of villages:

A water tank of 5,500 liters fully equipped, with the frame made by us, 5 taps, installed and filled on site costs CHF 410.- (or IDR 6,500,000.-);

Today, we are working on reconstruction, always in an emergency because the lack of water is enormous.

We have already built two clean water access points, including a sanitation system, gender toilets, and showers. We must also continue this program which we call “Water Connections”.

To do this, we encourage you to help us as much as possible

Fair Future put a lot of human, material, and financial resources to overcome the emergency. Today we must count on all of you to ensure that this drama does not turn into something more dramatic.

The Fair Future Foundation team, who are working in the field, in what is the largest medical and social camp in East Sumba, our Rumah Kambera Base Camp.

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  1. Alexandre Wettstein

    You guys, did such a challenging and amazing job helping all those people during the last disaster in East Sumba. You did also so great (and you’re still doing), incredible work for all Covid-19 pandemic victims. I’m proud to be there everyday to do my part helping medically all these people. Let’s continue doing good all together!!!


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